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How to Install OpenCart ?

Step 1 :  Open URL (,then click on Free Download button. then click DOWNLOAD NOW button.

Step 2 : After downloading, Extract the folder, then open the Upload folder, copy all files and folders and past it in xampp >> htdocs >> make new folder  like shoppingProject.

Step 3 : Rename config-dist.php file to config.php

Step 4 : Open admin folder and rename config-dist.php file to config.php file.

Step 5 : Start the xampp.

Step 6 : Open phpmyadmin(http://localhost/phpmyadmin/) on browser. and create new database like opencartdb

Step 7 : Hit URL( localhost/shoppingProject) on browser.

Step 8 : See License agreement window, click on CONTINUE button.

Step 9 : See Pre-Installation window, check all status if  writable then click on CONTINUE button. otherwise solve the issues.

Step 10 : Fill Database name,username,password,email fields. 

Step 11 : Click on CONTINUE button. Now you are ready to use admin and frontend of OpenCart.

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